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Everyone loves a good story.  And lately, consumer buying habits reflect that, too.  Every year, more consumers are purchasing products with depth and meaning, from brands who are selling directly to them.  Not only do these direct to consumer products reflect the values of the brand, but the finances of those brands tell a story, too.  

As each direct to consumer brand under your care evolves into a powerhouse within its target market, the client organization itself needs to be able to communicate to its stakeholders which products are having the most impact on its consumers, and which ones have the potential to take the company to another level.    This type of insight goes beyond measuring hits, opens, conversions, cost per acquisition, and the like.  Each direct to consumer brand needs insight from the front of the office (from its beautiful online store) to the back of the office (way down the line with the accountants).   

If you have a hunch that your client may benefit from working with a service provider who is focused on delivering quality insight at the intersection of finance, marketing, and IT, consider referring their management team to Links Advisory.  We offer honest and realistic solutions that provide balance and connectivity to direct to consumer brands from a financial operations perspective. 

The Agency Program we have set up enables you to offer additional resources to you clients with no obligation or additional work on your part. 

Here's how it works: 

Let us know you're interested by filling out the form below.  When you've got a client who may benefit from working with someone like Links Advisory, just send Elizabeth an email (elizabeth [@]  Or, if you'd rather just do an email intro, then just copy everyone on the note.  If it works out for everyone to work together, then you'll receive a referral fee for connecting us. 


Let us know you'd like to be a member of our Agency Program.  There's no obligation or fee to participate.  We'd like to offer you a way to provide valuable resources to your clients while also rewarding you for sending work our way. 


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