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Specializing in subject matter at the intersection of finance, marketing, and technology.

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Management teams for mid-size companies and small businesses, including CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and the people who report directly to them, rely on our products and services as part of their growth strategy.


In a consulting capacity, we often collaborate with client advisors such as functional IT consultants, attorneys, and tax preparers. Our training materials are designed to effectively and efficiently facilitate digital transformation conversations among decision-makers and their advisors.


Whether encouraging entrepreneurial spirit at a leading corporation, leading a well-funded startup, or just getting started, our products and services are intended to increase enterprise value of an organization.

“Achievement is talent plus preparation.”

Malcolm Gladwell /  Outliers: The Story of Success

“Reducing risk attracts capital.”

Doug Tatum /  No Man's Land

meet the managing principal


Elizabeth Adams

Digital Strategy Leader
Elizabeth is the Managing Principal at Links Advisory and is the primary client-serving professional on consulting projects.
Digital Transformation
Finance, marketing, and IT departments must collaborate for successful delivery of a cloud-platform that connects the entire organization. Supporting the CFO, Director of FP&A, and Corporate Controller in a digital transition is one of our specialties.
Financial Reporting
Understanding your current financial reporting environment is key to a smooth digital transformation. Working with senior leaders, we interview, document, communicate existing financial reporting processes.
Sales Reporting
Managers need real-time access to complete and accurate sales reports. For organizations who have grown through acquisition, this can be particularly challenging because of the dissimilar datasets. And for organizations getting started, setting up items and customers in a meaningful way can be a trial-and-error approach. We can combine sales reporting from multiple ERPs, CRMs, and other sources into a single tool that allows for dashboard reporting that also connects with the company's budget and financial reports.
Process Improvement
From sales and cash receipts to purchases and cash disbursements, we regularly interview client staff to understand existing processes and offer specific recommendations, including checklists and narratives.

Links Advisory develops practical resources and training materials for decision-makers of today's digital companies. Find guides, workshops, and courses soon. Materials will also be available for sale and white-labeling at wholesale prices to consulting firms.

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